Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary Retreat

T.H. Ep 16 – Mother Mary and the Retreat of the Archangels Over Fatima

Where do the angels fit into our tours of heaven? And what do angels and archangels do? Have they ever volunteered to help us by being born on earth, to take on life’s challenges like we do? There are so many more questions about angels, we thought it high time we found out, firsthand.

Where better to go for answers than the heavenly home of an archangel who has actually experienced multiple lives in historical times. We’re going to visit Mother Mary, the biblical Mother Mary. The first thing to know is that it doesn’t matter what religion you associate with in this life, or previous lives. In heaven it’s all one devotion and as family you’re welcome to join us, to listen in and to be amazed.

Learn more about Mother Mary’s retreat here.

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