Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia’s Etheric Retreat

Spiritual Retreat of the Elohim of the Fifth Ray


The retreat of Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia focuses the energies of the third eye chakra of the planet.

Their retreat is located high in the Altai Range where China, Siberia and Mongolia meet, near Tabun Bogdo. The entire retreat is in the etheric realm, although congruent with the mountains.


Retreat Focuses the Emerald Ray

The massive emerald crystal front resembles a church, having a high central steeple and two lesser steeples on either side. We enter a room that appears as though it has been carved out of the mountain, out of a deep jade colored rock. A Gothic vaulted ceiling, with pillars of green crystal and others of a marble stone effect, seems to support the very mountain itself.

A circular sunken room within a larger square room is the focus for the emerald ray. The blazing consciousness of the Elohim suspends therein an all-seeing eye within a triangle. The six pillars surrounding the central altar are five-sided, crystal green. They remind us that we are in a temple dedicated to precipitation.

A Retreat Dedicated to Science and Healing

We note a very active silence in the retreat, a reverence for the science to which all who serve here are dedicated. Our host takes us into several of the most important rooms, and as we walk, we note the hieroglyphs on the walls, which we are told are ancient records deciphered only for the most advanced initiates.

We enter a gold room, the precipitation room, decorated in green and gold velvet with jade, pulsing with the flame of green and gold. (The green of the precipitation flame is a Chinese green, which has more yellow in it and is tinged with gold, whereas the emerald green of the All-Seeing-Eye is more of a blue-green.) Here the great masters gather in council meetings to discuss the very destiny of the planet and to formulate plans for the implementation of the higher science through and among embodied mankind.

We are shown a fountain of healing in an indoor garden with some of the world’s most beautiful flowers and tropical birds and one of the most rare botanical collections we have ever seen, including some specimens now extinct and others that are yet to be brought forth. Only advanced initiates are taken through the remaining rooms, laboratories, libraries and chambers where angels and masters serve the evolutions of the planet through their devotion to the cosmic science taught by the Elohim.

Etheric Retreats of the Seven Elohim