Lanello's Retreat on the Rhine

T.H. Ep 13 – Lanello and the Retreat at Bingen

We begin our second season in a celestial place of light overlooking the banks of the etheric Rhine River at the same location we know in our world as Bingen, in Germany. This is the heavenly home of the ascended master Lanello and his twin flame Elizabeth. While we tour the luminous terraced gardens and […]

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Rose Temple

T.H. Ep 10 – Nada and the Rose Temple

On this tour we visit two retreats, one we’re familiar with (Jesus’ Arabian Retreat) and another in a beautiful but unexpected heavenly location.  The lady ascended master we’ll visit is Nada, whose practice of divine love through ministration was taught and tested long ago by the archangel of love and charity.  Now Nada walks in […]

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T.H. Ep 04 – Kuan Yin and the Temple of Mercy

Where we’re going is to the eternal China, China the Beautiful, the etheric level of China that’s part of heaven. This is going to be an eye-opener, about what Sacred China was and is meant to offer the world. Here is wisdom, the divine science of music and the noble example of the bodhisattva, ‘the […]

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Arabian Retreat

T. H. Ep 02 – Jesus Christ – Arabian Desert

Probably the most influential person in history conveyed the mysteries of the purpose of our lives through the gospels and the words and works of saints over the last two thousand years. By his sacrifice he bought us time and opportunity. But where did he go? What if you were able to ask him what’s […]

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