The Temple of Illumination

Retreat of the God and Goddess Meru, Sixth Root Race Manus

The Temple of Illumination is the etheric retreat of the God and Goddess Meru located over the Island of the Sun and Lake Titicaca high in the Andes mountains on the Peru-Bolivia border. It is the focus of the feminine ray of the Godhead to the earth, poling with the masculine ray anchored in the Himalayas in the retreat of Lord Himalaya. Jesus, Mother Mary and many saints and ascended masters have studied in this retreat.

Lake Titicaca is 3,205 square miles and, at 12,500 feet, is the world’s highest navigable lake. Covering a good portion of the lake, the retreat centers over the remains of an ancient temple to the Sun on the Island of the Sun. According to legend, the ruins mark the spot where the two founders of the Inca dynasty were sent down to the earth by the Sun.

The Temple of Illumination Described

The etheric focus of the God and Goddess Meru, a beautiful white and gold Atlantean temple with columns gracing the entrance, reminds us of the magnificent physical focus that was here in the days of Lemuria. The emblem of the retreat is a golden sun, and the golden-pink flame, a focus of the flame of Helios and Vesta, is in the flame room to the right of a great hall, decorated in gold with great pillars through which we pass on the way to the focus of the flame.

Focus of Helios and Vesta

The God and Goddess Meru serve directly under Helios and Vesta – thus, the pink and gold theme of their retreat. The flame of Helios and Vesta is focused in the center of the room, and around it pilgrims gather, kneeling on pink and yellow cushions or simply meditating in the lotus posture. Going back through the main hall through which we came, we notice that the far end opposite the entrance to the retreat is a focus of the golden flame of illumination.

Branches of the building contain classrooms, council halls and the private quarters of the God and Goddess Meru. This retreat is the focus for the coming golden age; for as the manus sponsoring of the sixth root race, the God and Goddess Meru recognize their role as preparing the way for the incoming seventh root race in South America under the guidance of the Great Divine Director. To this retreat have been transferred the records of ancient civilizations from many other retreats in the world. The focus of Kuthumi in Kashmir also contains a library with these records, as does the Royal Teton Retreat.

The focuses of Elohim Apollo and Lumina, Archangel Jophiel and Christine, Lord Maitreya and all who serve the golden flame of illumination are connected with each other and this retreat by their mutual service on behalf of the illumination of mankind and the raising of their consciousness to the level of the Christ—Universal and individual – as the voice within, the teacher that shall no longer be hid into a corner as the great golden age dawns.

The World Teachers, Jesus and Kuthumi, frequent this retreat and give instruction to the pilgrims who journey here while their bodies sleep and between embodiments. The creativity and culture of the golden age will be brought forth by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood through this focus of the feminine ray, the Mother aspect, and the activity of the expansion of Spirit in Matter.

The Temple of Illumination and the Royal Teton Retreat form the arc of the yellow flame of illumination for the golden age in the West. This golden flame is a tangible, almost physical flame. It has influenced the founding of the form of government in the United States of America that has endured for two centuries. This system was inspired by the Brotherhood; through it the government is intended to be through the consciousness of the Christ in those who govern and in the people.

Applying Illumination’s Flame to Government and Business

The problems in governments arise when people misuse or take advantage of the form of government. Similarly, the free-enterprise system works well when people practice the golden rule and do not desire to exploit one another. When people have, instead, a sense of sharing and abundance, the West will prosper.

Our greatest initiations come in our day-today contact with our fellow man. These initiations are calculated to help us to develop our self-mastery. We are intended to use our initiative in the free-enterprise system to draw forth from our causal body the divine plan for our life and those things that will benefit our fellow man. As we do this, we automatically enter the spirals of initiation.

It takes hard work and striving to build a business, for example, and right motive is important. The system behaves correctly when we use our energies to develop self-mastery instead to acquire worldly power and money. If we operate on our initiative to bring forth creative ideas in business, education and all areas of human endeavor, we will pass the initiations that have been transferred from the inner retreats from the Brotherhood of Light.

A Sacred Opportunity to Hear Lectures Given at the Temple of Illumination

Of the many lectures and addresses that the God Meru and I have given before multitudes on the etheric plane, there are specific ones that may be heard by you if you but make the call and the attunement. It is as though you were to take a tape recording of one of your messengers’ lectures, to play it back and to hear it. So you can, by tuning in to our retreat, receive these lectures that we have given.

“And therefore, our message to you this day can be an unending one. For if you so desire, and if you make the invocation each day, all through your life, you can be receiving the words of the God and Goddess Meru into your etheric body.

“Your outer mind may not have the full awareness of these lectures, these teachings, but step by step as you rise higher, you will have that awareness of the mind that was also in Christ Jesus. And you will know because you are known of God. You will know because the known laws of God are anchored within your forcefield, within your consciousness, being and world.

This is a sacred opportunity, one that ought not to be taken lightly or forgotten. May I suggest, then, that you make note of this dispensation and that each night before retiring, each morning before getting out of bed you remember to make the call for the continuing release of wisdom from the heart of the God and Goddess Meru.”1

Prayer to Attend the God and Goddess Meru’s Temple of Illumination Retreat

Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
O my soul, let us arise from our abode.
Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, with Archangel Michael and a cordon of blue-lightening angels, transport my soul clothed in my finer bodies, fully equipped with the armor of God, to the God and Goddess Meru’s Temple of Illumination Retreat over the Island of the Sun and Lake Titicaca and to hear the past lectures by god and Goddess Meru that are key to my soul’s victory and I call to receive the words of God and Goddess Meru every day into my etheric body. Escort me, instruct me, and guide and protect me and all co-servers, I pray Thee, now and always as we serve to cut free all life on earth.

Etheric Retreats of the Manus

Summit Lighthouse Books on Meru and the Path of Overcoming

1. Goddess Meru, “A Fiat of Solstice: A Petition for Quickening and for Judgment,” December 22, 1973.