Temple of Truth, Crete

T.H. Ep 09 – Hilarion and the Temple of Truth

If you asked any group of people, what is truth, the answers would be all over the place.  What if you asked God?  We’re going to a university of the Spirit on Crete to visit an ascended master who has qualified himself over many difficult lifetimes to help you understand the answer for yourself.  He’s also a master of healing and works with agnostics and atheists who have been turned from the truth by those who have not been true to God.  This master, Hilarion, has lived the most intense lives on both sides of that equation, under Jesus’ direction.  There are spoken and written words of explanation about truth and there is the experience of the universal Christ in you, which is knowing.


Meet the Master Hilarion Learn the amazing story of ascended master Hilarion’s lives as Saints Paul
and Hilarion and his spiritual keys and insight for healing body, mind and soul.
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    • Anne Bowden
    • July 9, 2021

    Thank you tour guide, Steven. I had a wonderful visit to the Rose Temple – looking forward to travelling there more often. What exquisite descriptions you give and every time I look out at my roses, it will remind me vividly of being there.

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