Spiritual Retreats Of The Great White Brotherhood

Open door to the Light, copyright The Summit LighthouseThere is a web of life around the planet, an antahkarana of light. Imagine a spider web, with beautiful dewdrops glistening upon it in the early dawn light. Then imagine that web as a web of light in the third and fourth dimensions, radiating out in all directions. You have just begun to visualize the beauty and majesty of the interconnected web of life, light and love that surrounds our planet.

The spiritual retreats of the Ascended Masters, archangels and Elohim are power centers on this great network of light. As above, so below - there are grids and forcefields of light for every person in embodiment.

These light networks connect us to all other forms of life - the trees and plant life, animal life, even to the center of the earth and to the auras of the ascended masters. All of this forms a vast and complex filigree pattern of interconnected light.

Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters

In this beautiful pattern, the etheric retreats of the ascended masters, archangels and Elohim, all members of the Great White Brotherhood, appear as giant balls of light.

These etheric retreats are powerful centers for infinite lines of spiritual force that radiate out to connect the retreats together, both around the earth and extending into space.

Each spiritual retreat is a very important nucleus of spiritual energy. Every etheric retreat has a specific purpose and carries out a certain action that trembles through the entire warp and woof of the planetary body. These actions nourish life by the sustaining action of the sacred fire.

Locations of the Etheric Retreats Recently Revealed

Royal Teton Retreat, primary retreat for North AmericaThe locations of the physical and etheric retreats of the archangels, ascended masters, and Elohim have only recently been revealed. We are fortunate in this time that the masters have given us this knowledge. They do not have to give us these revelations, but they do so because they are walking the last mile with us, wanting to give us every opportunity to progress spiritually.

The ascended masters understand that when people know where these retreats are, they will center their attention upon them. Unfortunately, some of that attention becomes the conduit for mankind's subconscious misqualified energy. However, at the price of some loss of privacy and having the attention of the world upon them, the ascended masters, archangels and the Elohim have released the location of their retreats for the benefit of mankind.

The Purposes of the Spiritual Retreats of the Ascended Masters

The heavenly hierarchy functions through its retreats, and the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood serve many purposes. They are the homes of the masters in the heaven-world - the etheric body of planet Earth. The masters also use the retreats to anchor certain energies throughout the earth on behalf of mankind.

Records of past civilizations and golden ages are stored in the retreats. Perhaps most importantly, the ascended masters serve in their retreats as the teachers of mankind.

Retreats Are Spiritual Training Centers

Souls of light in embodiment who desire to be trained on the spiritual path may journey to the retreats in their soul consciousness while their bodies sleep at night. The retreats are centers of study and learning as well as places for training.

Jesus welcomes souls to his etheric retreatMany of the saints - Mother Mary, Jesus, Saint Francis and many of our great leaders and religious teachers - studied in these retreats to prepare for their mission. Similarly, many among mankind today are trained there, consciously working at inner levels to prepare for their mission and divine plan in this age.

Your place in the spiritual classroom is waiting. It is a place that only your heart can fill. Angels are waiting for your call to escort you to and fro. We have invitations from the archangels and invitations from the ascended masters to join the Universities of the Spirit. Masters and archangels are waiting with the lessons your soul needs to meet your oncoming tests. Read on and find how to travel to your home of light and return bringing more and more of that light, love and wisdom with you.

The Masters and Their Retreats book by the Summit LighthouseTo find out more about the ascended masters and their etheric retreats, get The Masters and their Retreats. This encyclopedia on the ascended masters includes key insights they have delivered as well as detailed information on the Great White Brotherhood's etheric retreats.

Antahkarana [Sanskrit, "internal sense organ"]: the web of life; the net of light spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.