Universities of the Spirit

The Chohans' Ascended Master Etheric Retreats

In recent eras, few among mankind have entered the retreats and temples of the Great White Brotherhood. The retreats, once physical on the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, were withdrawn to the etheric plane, reachable only by the most advanced initiates.

With the dawning of the Aquarian age, however, lightbearers were given again opportunity to enter these retreats—this time by soul travel, apart from the physical body.

The Opening of the Chohan's Universities of the Spirit

In the twentieth century, a number of the retreats were opened to unascended students of the ascended masters. On January 1, 1986, Gautama Buddha1 announced that the seven chohans of the rays had been granted approval by the Lords of Karma to open "Universities of the Spirit in each of their etheric retreats where they might welcome not dozens or hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands of students who will diligently pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays systematically, mastering most especially the first and the seventh rays....

"The plan, therefore, is for students to spend fourteen days in Darjeeling and fourteen days with Saint Germain at the Royal Teton Retreat and to alternate these fourteen days as they weave a balance and restore themselves to the commitment of the beginning and the ending of the cycles of life.

"Having successfully passed certain levels, albeit beginning levels, nevertheless strong levels of accomplishment in the use of these rays, they will have a turn also with Lord Lanto and Confucius here at the Royal Teton and Paul the Venetian, who prefers to use in this hour the Temple of the Sun of the Goddess of Liberty, who is the Divine Mother of beloved Paul….

"Beloved ones, this training, then, will be for the rounding out of the threefold flame in the wisdom of the Path and especially in the development of the path of the sacred heart, the expansion of love that they might rid themselves of fear and hardness of heart and records of death surrounding that heart.

"Then, you see, comes the path of ministration and service, which is the logical manifestation of love and a balanced threefold flame. Through ministration and service in the retreat of Nada in Arabia, they will find, then, a place where they can give the same dynamic decrees you give here for all those untoward conditions in the area of the Middle East. And this shall be their assignment at inner levels even as they study the true path of Jesus Christ on that sixth ray as it has never been taught to them before.

"Having come through these retreats, they are now ready to be washed in the purity of the sacred fires of the Ascension Temple for a beginner’s course and for the first baptism by water of the Divine Mother. Then they proceed to Crete with Paul the apostle, and there Hilarion shows them the Truth of all ages, and the science of Being is unfolded layer upon layer.

"Thus, having completed a round in all of these retreats—cycling fourteen-day cycles, some repeated in the same retreat, some interchanging—they will come again to second and third levels of training on those seven rays."

Ascended Master Retreats of the Chohans

1. Gautama Buddha, "'The Teaching Is for the Many," Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 29, no. 21, May 25, 1986.