Who Is Mark L Prophet?

Founder of The Summit Lighthouse

“What makes life real are not the props but the real people we know and love. When we believe in God and we believe in people because God is in them, then we have the thread of contact with the real world.” – Mark L Prophet

It is not often that we find someone who can marry profound spiritual truths to the practicalities of everyday life in a thoroughly understandable and enjoyable way. Mark L. Prophet had that gift.

His number one rule: our spiritual quest, though challenging, should be fun. And number two: we can often find the answers we are looking for in the most unlikely places.

Mark knew that deep down inside, we are all seeking God – whether we call God the Christ, Buddha, the Tao, El Shaddai or Brahman.

His lifelong goal was to help everyone he met realize more of their spiritual essence. He believed that there is a spark of the divine within each of us and that we can contact that God within.

Spiritual Teacher of the Mystical Path

Mark showed spiritual seekers how to become mystics—how to gain direct knowledge of God through subjective experience and intimate communion with the All in all.

Mark himself was a mystic. He was also a pioneer in religious thought.

Raised in the Christian tradition, he later experimented with the teachings of the Eastern adepts and came to a deep appreciation of the unity of all the world’s religions.

For over 20 years Mark dedicated himself to teaching and publishing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters—the spiritual wisdom of the Eastern and Western adepts. He walked with them through the pages of their writings until he became one with them.

And in all of their teachings he detected the single golden thread that creates unity out of diversity: the realization that every spiritual seeker can experience their own intimate relationship with God.

Throughout his life, he poured out the utmost love to all whom he met, the love of their true Self. And just being around him made you want to realize more of that Self.

Perhaps this blend of humor, simple truths, and profound wisdom does not conform to the average view of a spiritual teacher, but learning to laugh at one’s ego is the first step towards redirecting it, which is the prerequisite for expanding the mind and raising it into that higher consciousness which Mark Prophet attained and desires to share with us all.