The Palace Of White Marble

Himalayan Retreat Of The Great White Brotherhood

The Palace of White Marble is a sacred focus of the Great White Brotherhood in the heart of the Himalayas.

It has a central gold dome and four minarets proceeding from the corners of the square building. The main council chamber is in the center under the dome, and to the right and the left of the chamber are meditation rooms containing some of the most powerful focuses of the Great White Brotherhood that we have seen in any of their retreats on this planet.

Fiery Focus of God-power

The room to the right of the council hall has a large central altar at the far end of the wall with seats around it in a semicircle, accommodating several hundred people.Three flames grace the altar, which rises in three tiers. Behind each flame, standing out from the wall, is a white stone in the shape of the flame but much larger. Upon each of these three stones behind the three flames are engraved cosmic glyphs focusing such an intense God-power that no mortal eye can gaze upon them and remain mortal.

Therefore only ascended masters are permitted in this meditation room. These symbols are the product of their meditation, their going deep within and contemplating the existence of the very center of being. It is there that these symbols are written, in the very core of each man’s being, and they are drawn out only when the individual attains God consciousness as an ascended being.

All can look forward to worshiping the very heart of True Being in this room after their ascension.

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