The Etheric Cities

Fourteen Etheric Cities Around The World

There are fourteen etheric cities over the earth, seven over the seven seas, seven over the seven deserts. These etheric cities are places where souls of light or souls who have the assistance of the ascended masters can go between embodiments or during sleep. These cities are intact at the etheric level; they are as they were in the golden age.

John’s vision of the New Jerusalem found in the Book of Revelation is derived from his vision of the etheric cities, which establish the inner blueprint of the City Foursquare to be outpictured in the civilizations of the earth.

God of Gold Describes the Etheric Cities

“In the etheric octave, seven major etheric cities of light – gold is everywhere, light is streaming. Angels walk freely with masterful sons and daughters of God. Children are God-free, realizing the fullness of their causal body. You can see the transparency of the suggestion of the Christ and causal body and I AM Presence visible above these lifestreams. The streets are golden.

“Gold is the conveyor and conductor of the light of the sun, the balance of health in the physical body and the precipitated sunlight from each one’s own causal body of earned supply of previous incarnations on earth and service in heaven. Therefore you see, all are not equally wealthy, even in the etheric cities of light, but each demonstrates by his adeptship, love and God-mastery the precipitation of that abundance of gold and beauty and light, culture and soul development and all of the many facets of God-mastery of the seven rays.

“One hears, by a soundless sound and the inner attunement of the chakras, the keynotes of all of the masters of cosmos. One can tune in through meditation through one’s chakras to various wavelengths of sound, light, beauty, inspiration and the mystery schools and retreats of other planets and far-off worlds.

The beauty of nature is resplendent and many-colored—the crystal-clear streams, the freshness of the air, the piercing vitality of the stars, the sense of the permeation of life with the blue ray of the will of God. There is peace and balance, equanimity. There is the sense of well-being and not the irritations and nervousness of the denser bodies we wear, the diets we eat, the vibrations of death and hell in the earth plane.

“Apart from these seven major cities of light, there are the open spaces of the etheric plane where there are isolated temples, edifices of learning, other communities and types of gatherings of students of the masters.”1

The Architecture Of Washington DC Similar To Etheric Cities Of Light

One of the greatest cities in the world for outpicturing the alabaster cities of light is Washington DC. This is due to Saint Germain and George Washington, who lowered this matrix into form. The plan of this city goes back to the great cities of light that were in the Amazon basin in the great golden age of South America; the key buildings of the city are in white, and in many of them you will see something very much like what is seen in the etheric cities.

Training at Night and Between Lifetimes at the Universities of the Spirit

In these cities we find lifestreams who are preparing to re-embody, who have petitioned the Lords of Karma and must wait for the opportune moment when the gates of birth are opened to them and they can once again come forth to work out their destiny in the world of form. These waiting souls live and work and serve in situations not unlike those they have left on the planet, with the exception that the etheric cities hold the pattern for what the physical is intended to be in a golden age.

Here are Universities of the Spirit, great temples of light and homes similar to those we know on earth. There are temples of worship, of healing, of invocation and purification, of ideal forms of government, of education, of art and of music.

Those who spend their time between embodiments in these cities have a great worth to contribute in their succeeding lives. Those who carry the flame of idealism in their next embodiment do so out of the remembrance of the joy and happiness they experienced in living, perhaps for centuries, in these etheric homes of light. Souls come “trailing clouds of glory” in the great hope that somewhere on this green earth they can recreate the beauty and peace they have known in the higher octaves.

Impetus of Light Is Needed to Reach Etheric Level

Unfortunately, there are also many who do not reach the etheric octaves between embodiments. Only those who have some momentum of light are able to reach the etheric cities after they pass on. Those who only reach the astral level live as they do in the physical world, without higher aspirations and caught up in lower desires. They re-embody from the astral plane levels and thus have no recollection of anything but a meager, puny existence. These souls must be assisted by those with a higher vision.

Perspective of the Population of the Etheric Cities

Remembering that we have in the neighborhood of six billion lifestreams in embodiment and that ten billion are assigned to this planet who have not yet ascended, we must realize that in the etheric cities, in the retreats of the Brotherhood and on the astral and mental planes, four billion souls are evolving and waiting for the privilege of once again having a physical form that they might continue to work out their karma, balance their debts to life and gain their self-mastery.

The etheric cities show us what the previous golden ages on earth looked likeand how the world can be again in a future golden age. A high percentage of the souls who visit the etheric cities try to outpicture some aspects of these cities when they return to earth.

Great training and preparation is given to those souls who live in these cities and spend time in the retreats of the masters. It is the purpose of the hierarchy and the Brotherhood to establish those institutions and facilities of higher education on earth that will enable the incoming souls to outpicture that which they have learned in the higher octaves.

1. Godfré, September 3, 1984.