Spiritual Retreat of Kuthumi in Shigatse, Tibet


Master Kuthumi imparts the golden flame of peace and illumination

Kuthumi maintains an etheric retreat at Shigatse, Tibet, where he plays sacred music on a grand organ keyed to the music of the spheres. He directs the vibration of this music to souls at the hour of their death, guiding them to the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhoodfor tutoring in preparation for their next earthly life.

Lord Maitreya describes the music of this organ:

“As you know, at Shigatse a great organ has been created by beloved Kuthumi, which he plays for those who are departing from this world and therefore brings to their consciousness the melody and harmony of higher spheres…

The bell-like tones you hear with inner ears are the communion with far-off worlds. They are the melody of the sacred spheres. They are the consummation of the love of planetary bodies ascended. They are the love of cosmic beings, of archangels and their archeia, of Elohim and sacred-fire beings seldom heard upon this planetary body – composed into a love symphony by your own beloved Kuthumi.”1

Calls to Kuthumi and Wisdom’s Flame

Meditation On Self by Kuthumi

I AM no blight of fantasy –
Clear-seeing vision of the Holy Spirit, Being!
Exalt my will, desireless Desire,
Fanning flame, inspired fire, glow!
I will be the wonder of Thyself,
To know as only budding rose presumes to be.
I see new hope in bright tomorrow here today –
No sorrow lingers, I AM free!
O glorious Destiny, thy Star appears,
The soul casts out all fears
And yearns to drink the nectar of new hope:
All firmness wakes within the soul –
I AM becoming one with Thee.2

Evening Prayer Before Sleeping

Call in the name of your own Christ Self to Kuthumi to invoke his assistance:

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the Shigatse retreat of Kuthumi. I ask to learn the way of wisdom and the lessons of illumined action for the precipitation of the Christ consciousness and the science of music for healing. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

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2. Kuthumi, Studies of the Human Aura, pp. 51-52, 84.