Physical Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

There are Still Physical Retreats of the Ascended Masters

When Atlantis sank and darkness filled the earth, many of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood were withdrawn to the etheric plane. However, there are still a number of retreats that are anchored physically in the earth. The Royal Teton Retreat is one of these. It has physical chambers secured within the mountain of the Grand Teton in the Teton range, as well as etheric components beyond the physical plane. Hence it is called a physical/etheric retreat.

The retreat of the Master of Paris is a physical outpost of the Great White Brotherhood in the city of Paris. Godfré Ray King describes this retreat and tells the story of his journey there in The Magic Presence, and it remains a place where students of the masters who meet the necessary qualifications may travel physically to assist in the work of the Brotherhood.

Aquarian Dispensation: Knowledge of the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

The masters have spoken of their desire in this age to once again bring their retreats into the physical. On November 23, 1975, El Morya said:

"Saint Germain is not content to train the souls in the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. No, he is determined to have the focuses such as the focus of the Master of Paris, a home of light in the physical octave, a home of light in the city, a home of light where souls can be received. So then where are the stalwart ones? Where are the builders? Where are the pioneers who will have the courage to enter the canyons of New York City and Chicago and all of the great cities of America and the world?"

The ascended masters have, from time to time, anchored their light in an outer focus dedicated by their chelas to the keeping of the Flame. And thus Pythagoras' mystery school at Crotona, King Arthur's Camelot, and ashrams in the Himalayas have been sponsored by the masters as physical outposts of the Great White Brotherhood. The masters are once more looking for those who will dedicate themselves to the keeping of the Flame—the Flame on the altar that is the central focus of a retreat.

Traveling to the Physical Location of Etheric Retreats

Many of the retreats are located in or near mountain ranges, often extending down into the mountains themselves. The mountains are also high above the vibrations of the world, inaccessible places with unpredictable weather. Here the retreats are almost impregnable to mankind, safe from desecration by unaware or uncaring mankind.

Royal Teton Retreat in Wyoming in the Grant Teton National ParkMany of the physical locations of the ascended masters' retreats are refreshing places to visit due to the radiation of the retreats. Some of them are vacation or pilgrimage destinations—the retreat of the Elohim Peace and Aloha over the Hawaiian Islands, the Royal Teton Retreat over the Teton range in Wyoming, the retreat of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael over Fátima, Portugal, and the retreat of Archangel Michael over Banff and Lake Louise, to name just a few. These are places where you can go not only to get a physical recharge, but also to recharge your spiritual batteries.

Usually the ascended masters visited the locations of the retreats during their lives on earth. For example, the apostle Paul went to Arabia following his conversion on the road to Damascus. (See Gal. 1:11–18.) During this sojourn, Paul's soul was tutored at Jesus' retreat on the etheric plane over Arabia.

When you do travel to these locations, it is always an opportunity to consciously tie into the energy of that retreat and to do spiritual work for the ascended masters.

In that moment, you can be like an electrode for the energies of Spirit to be anchored in Matter.

A "Visit" to Archangel Zadkiel's Retreat

On many occasions the ascended masters have arranged for their students and chelas to travel physically to the locations of their retreats. Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells of one such an experience when El Morya arranged for her to travel to the location of the etheric retreat of Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst over the island of Cuba in 1974. She had been praying for freedom for the Caribbean nations when the opportunity unexpectedly arose for her to fly over Cuba.

"No sooner had I started my prayer momentum for this section of our hemisphere than El Morya arranged for me to fly there this week, and it was completely arranged in a most unique manner. I found myself the night before last on a private plane leaving the Florida mainland, going over the Florida Keys, and approaching the island of Cuba....

"It was to the site of this retreat that Saint Germain came when he was embodied as Christopher Columbus and he set forth in his ships to discover a new world. He was magnetized by the flame of freedom in that etheric temple where he had studied between embodiments and also during his embodiments while leaving his body in periods of sleep. Coming to those islands to chart a new course for a new land, the impetus was freedom.

"We wonder why a focus of freedom can be centered over an area of such darkness—why Communism, dictatorship and the suppression of the individual worth should mushroom right there where the highest concentration of energies for freedom are in this entire hemisphere.

"The reason is simple. The fallen ones, the archdeceivers, those who are organized against freedom, against the light of man and woman, always gather nearest the greatest light. And so they seek to usurp that light as it is released for the benefit of mankind. Other temples of freedom on the planet, such as the Temple of Mercy of Kuan Yin in Beijing and the Rakoczy Mansion in Romania are in the same predicament.*

"We find, then, that in order for the energies of these etheric retreats to be anchored in our world, in the physical plane for action, there must be those in embodiment who know the Law and understand that the calls must be made, the flame must be invoked, that those who are in physical bodies must give the authority to the masters to lower their energies into manifestation....

"One of the things the Brotherhood teaches is that going physically to the area of a retreat and to a physical location near a retreat gives the disciple access to expand greater energies and to do a greater work for the Brotherhood. And if you study the locations of the retreats, you find that many times you come in proximity to them.

"So I found that when I had this opportunity to fly right over Cuba to go to the Cayman Islands, that I would not only be in physical proximity to the island of Cuba to make invocations for the freedom of the people, but I would also, in terms of time and space, be passing through the exact area where the retreat is anchored in the etheric plane above the island.

"And this is one reason why so many people like to fly, to get up in the air. You do get above what is called the mass consciousness into those planes where the ascended masters in another dimension do have their focuses. So it was a wonderful experience to know that I was actually passing right through—in another plane—a retreat, a focus, a flame of freedom, a retreat of the Brotherhood. And it was very, very tangible, as was the presence of Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst.

"We were in a plane of about ten people, and as we approached the island of Cuba, I was able to stand behind the pilot and copilot and have a complete view of the island. And as I was making my invocations to the hierarchy and to Mother Mary to release those energies necessary for the freedom of this people, there came pouring forth out of heaven lightning and thunder—physical lightning and thunder—descending and crashing into the island, lighting up the island. And this was at night, so that I could see every portion of it and the cities, and the large part of this lightning was concentrated in Havana itself. So I felt that the elemental forces, forces of nature, were there to receive the energies invoked and to make them tangible....

"My experience for the day that followed was to be aware of those energies that actually oppose the divine family as the basic unit of society as they are anchored in that central focus in the islands of the Caribbean. This opposition to the light of the Christ in man and woman and child is energy that is spawned by the dark ones. It is the tearing down of the Real Self, the True Self, to make of people anything but the Christ, to make of them animals or humanists or philosophers or successful businessmen and women—all kinds of involvements in this world that take people's energies away from that central flame into the peripheral living that is continual gratification of the senses and that bottomless pit of desire.... Whether it is food or wealth or sex or continual pleasure, continual enjoyment of something new, it is that constant craving of the ego that sets up a forcefield of antichrist in the individual, and that is the beginning of the tearing down of the family.

"So as I left the Caribbean, I realized that my work had only begun, and that I had literally stirred up a hornets' nest of many forces that were determined not to be moved by the flame of the Christ."1

* In 1974, at the time of this lecture, Romania was behind the Iron Curtain and ruled as a Communist dictatorship.
1. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "Karma, Reincarnation and the Family," June 15, 1974.