Spiritual Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood

Departments in the Heaven-World

Each retreat in the heaven-world is different in appearance and vibration, but all retreats are based on the same fundamental plan. Each contains buildings based on certain geometric patterns. Each has a temple, and the flame upon the altar is the principle focus of the retreat. There may also be other meeting or council rooms, laboratories and other wings with specific functions depending on the purpose of the retreat.

Different retreats have different purposes, and the vast heaven-world is well organized. There are many departments in heaven to oversee all kinds of activities that relate specifically to all aspects of life on earth.

For example, there is a specialized branch that works with those who are thinking of suicide or who become victims of suicide. Another branch works with the control of demons and entities, disembodied spirits that exist on the astral plane. Another department deals with finance and seeks to influence and give advice to those who work with financial institutions. There are retreats devoted to healing, to government and to the balancing of the forces of nature.

Ascended Masters and Angels Meeting Souls at the Point of Transition

There is a branch that works solely with incoming souls and children who are preparing to be born. Another segment of the Brotherhood assists those who are departing the earth in the transition called death. This team arranges for people to be met when they arrive in the heaven-world, almost like being met as you would come out of a bus terminal or a train station. At the moment when the person passes over, arrangements are made to have certain beings of light present.

The Great Ones and the angelic hosts receive these people and remove them from all the destructive elements that they may have lived in on earth and take them to the schools of light. Here they are oriented and taught in preparation for their next stages of embodiment. Or if they are ready and worthy, they are taken to Luxor to the Ascension Temple of beloved Serapis Bey to be prepared for their ascension.

Great White Brotherhood - Heavenly Intercessors

In all these avenues and compartments of being, the Great White Brotherhood works for the benefit of mankind, working always to stabilize world conditions, to avert disasters or to prevent catastrophes from happening.

For example, the Brotherhood was very active when the great plague came to France and other parts of Europe. They tried to stay the plague and work in conscious cooperation with mankind, but the ascended masters were limited by the ability of mankind to work in conscious cooperation with them, for the ability of the angels and the masters to intercede is limited by mankind's free will.

When people pray and ask for intercession, when they turn over to God their free will and ask him and his angels to step in, it gives the ascended masters and archangels the authority to act in the physical world. The Brotherhood continues to whisper to people all over the world what are the correct things to do in many situations, but sadly, the world does not always listen.

Radiation from the Retreats Is Felt in the World

The retreats of the ascended masters are great beacons of light in the antahkarana of the planet, and their effects are often felt quite tangibly from near and far. In many cases, the presence of the retreats accounts for the different "feel" or atmosphere in different places around the globe.

You feel entirely different in New York than you do in California or Colorado or Hawaii. The energy and vibrancy of New York comes from the action of the Temple of the Sun over Manhattan.

The purity of areas of Northern California comes from the retreat of Archangel Gabriel and Hope between Sacramento and Mount Shasta and the retreat of the Goddess of Purity over San Francisco.

The feeling of peace that one has in the Hawaiian Islands comes from the retreat of Elohim Peace and Aloha.

As you study the various retreats around the world, you will begin to notice that the momentum of a retreat can often be seen in the surrounding land and . (There is often seen the outpicturing of the true flame of the retreat, but we sometimes see instead mankind's misuse of the energies of that flame.)

The retreat of Purity and Astrea, for example, has a profound impact on Russia. The austerity of the people, the concept of Mother Russia, the ability to work hard, fighting for one's nation, the nature of self-sacrifice - all these qualities come through the flame of purity, the influence of the retreat of the Elohim of the fourth ray.