Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Journeying to the Ascended Masters' Retreats

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Speaking from Personal Experience

Elizabeth Clare Prophet had many experiences of traveling in her finer body to these etheric retreats. Her advice to students of the light is:

"I want you to know that these retreats are real, that the ascended masters are real, that the Elohim, the archangels and the chohans are real. The information that we have been given is so fantastic and so startling that, at the same time we hear it, we feel the carnal mind and the whole momentum of the hordes of darkness resisting the reality and the tangibility of this knowledge and the practicality of it and what can be done with it. We must realize the implications of this knowledge."

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, spiritual leader of the Summit LighthouseGod has set up these forcefields of the etheric retreats as highly concentrated centers of light so that we could appeal to the masters and invoke their light for the liberation of the planet. It has been said that there is enough violet flame energy anchored in the retreats of the violet flame masters on the planet to free the earth entirely and bring it into the golden age of Aquarius. It only remains for mankind to invoke that energy and that flame. Nothing else stands in the way of the victory.

Key to the Golden Age is Invocation

The key is the invocation. For God is already here, but by cosmic law, the forces of light cannot interfere in this plane unless we ask them to help, unless we call to them for assistance.

Why is that? Because we are given free will to function in this physical plane. This plane of being was turned over to us. In order for God and the ascended masters to enter into this, our domain, we have to give them the authority to do so, consciously and by our own free will. Free will means that we have the opportunity to return to God the authority in this level that he gave to us.

Free Will Call For the Flames of the Etheric Retreats

"In the name of the Christ, I call forth the seven mighty Elohim, the archangels, and the chohans of the rays to release the full-gathered momentum of the flames anchored in their retreats into my being and world and throughout the planet Earth for the victory of the light."

Such invocations need to be made daily. As we continue to give invocations, we will see enlightenment, liberation, freedom, the fulfillment of the law of being and ultimately a golden age upon our beloved planet.

Consciously Going to the Etheric Retreats

In his book Unveiled Mysteries, Godfré Ray King tells of going into the mountains southeast of Tucson, making camp in a canyon and falling asleep. He dreams of a young man, and when he awakes, the young man is there.

He follows the young man to a cliff. The youth places his hands on a rock, presses against it, and a section of the wall slides to one side. They enter a tunnel that was an ancient underground watercourse. They go through another door and come to a beautiful valley. The young man turns to him and says, "My friend, you have returned home after a long absence."

These are the words that will be spoken to you by the doorman at the retreat of you and your twin flame when you arrive in your mansion in the heaven-world—for you and your twin flame also have a mansion on the etheric plane. It will be your home when you ascend.

You have been evolving for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years upon this planet. You have been coming and going to and from the retreats of the Brotherhood in between embodiments and while you sleep. You have your own home of light.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Invites You to the Etheric Retreats

"I want you to expect to journey to that retreat, to your own home of light. It is one thing to be a guest in the retreats and mansions of the masters. But sometime, someplace, you want to feel at home in your own home where you can sink down in your chair, take off your shoes and put your feet up and do what you want to do.

"Now how many of you have consciously asked to be taken to your own mansion, to your own etheric retreat?... Well, what are you waiting for?

"Why are you depressed, not knowing your divine plan or which way to go? Don’t you realize all of that is just bogging you down and distracting you from these crystal moments and experiences you could be having? It is weighing on you, when you could be having your meditation time before going to sleep.

"Fifteen minutes before you fall asleep, meditate on the Buddha, go within, call to your I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of your twin flame and ask for your reunion in higher octaves."1

So, what are you waiting for? Try it tonight. A whole new world awaits you.

1. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, November 6, 1975.