Victory's Temple

Spiritual Retreat Of the Great White Brotherhood

On June 3, 1960, El Morya announced a dispensation from the Karmic Board and from Helios and Vesta for a temple of the Great White Brotherhood to be built on earth. He said:

"The grant to mankind from the ascended host is to give to the world a genuine outer focus of the Great White Brotherhood without concealment or secrecy. A mighty Temple of Victory is to be built in this nation for all mankind, dedicated to the presence of Almighty God. It shall be called 'I AM' the Temple of Life's Victory....

"The pattern for this vast temple is now being lowered from the blessed Silent Watcher into the etheric realms and the action will be completed by July 1.... We are affirming the freedom of earth by establishing the first temple of the Great White Brotherhood known to the outer world since Atlantean days."

Saint Germain Describes Victory's Temple and Its Function

"Surely if temporal government can demand of mankind the material substance to arm the earth with instruments of destruction, the lovers of peace and freedom, who are multitudinous in every land, will respond to the great privilege of laying many stones in this outer temple designed in such lofty spiritual grandeur at inner levels! When it is complete I am planning on giving my greatest gift to America and the world, for therein I am going to actually anchor the full focus of my freedom flame!...

"The first floor of the temple (and there are three above the earth level) is Victory's Temple. It is the largest and is completely circular, surrounded by huge Corinthian columns on the outside and granite artwork as lovely as the Taj Mahal itself, all within the beauty of its towering columns. Around the circular amphitheater will be glorious paintings of the great chohans themselves and also including beloved Jesus and Mary, the archangels and many others of the familiar members of the ascended host. Services here will be open to all mankind without restriction as to creed or race in keeping with the traditions of the Brotherhood.

"The second floor is dedicated to the Holy Spirit and as such is an 'upper room,' vast though it may be, dedicated to the magnificent Lord the Maha Chohan. Here the most sacred rituals shall be performed, including those that are calculated to represent the ceremonial action of this age over which I now preside. The anchoring of the freedom flame here is a gift of divine wisdom. A huge focus of a snow-white dove will also be anchored in this temple, within which the masters of light shall precipitate several sacred tokens and foci of the sacred fire to assist in amplifying the action of the Holy Spirit within the lives of mankind....

"The third floor is closed to all except the most advanced chelas and is under the direction of the great ascended master Serapis, whose stricter disciplines lead to the freedom of the ascension. It is circular, too, but smaller than the other temples. We expect to permit here the use of an ascension chair - located directly above the freedom flame focus on the second floor, which is, in turn, above Victory's altar on the first floor.

"This temple is strictly dedicated to the ascension and is for the use of those nearing that achievement. In this temple we will actually step through the veil in our tangible bodies and assist in completing the earthly victory of our most faithful chelas as we did in the Cave of Symbols and other sacred retreats.

"Thus this circular 'pyramid' of victory honors the name of God by a means whereby the various stages of evolution may come into a practical focus that will not be too sharply delineated so as to separate men from one another, except to inspire them and elevate them by world-renowned beauty and the vibratory action of the great Brotherhood itself as it now moves once again into fiery world action in the outer visible unconcealed realm."1

The design for this temple came from the ascended master Mighty Victory. The temple exists in all its pristine beauty in the etheric realm and may be visited by unascended mankind while they sleep. We yet await the full manifestation of this dispensation through the physical building of the temple.

1. Saint Germain, Pearls of Wisdom®, vol. 3, no. 24, June 10, 1960.