El Morya - North American Spiritual Retreat

El Capitan In Yosemite

In addition to his principal retreat in Darjeeling, El Morya has a retreat in the mountain known as El Capitan, in Yosemite Valley, California. This retreat is situated close to his guru Elohim Hercules' retreat at Half Dome, Yosemite Valley.

El Morya and a Blue Flame of God's Will Prayer

Bonding Prayer to the Heart of Morya.

El Morya, chohan of the ray of God's holy willWhere I stand there is Morya!
and in his name I say
Thus far and no farther!
You shall not pass!
You shall not tread on holy ground!
Your shall not come between me and my God!
My God is happiness this day!
My God is holiness,
My God is the divine wholeness of the living One!
I and my father Morya are one!

Evening Prayer to El Morya Before Retiring

El Morya asks us to call in the name of your own Christ Self to each of the seven Chohans of the Rays to invoke their assistance on the path. You may ask to be taken to each of their retreats on successive nights. Monday night call to be taken to El Morya's retreat.

In the name of the Christ, my own Real Self, I call to the heart of the I AM Presence and to the angel of the Presence to take me in my soul and in my soul consciousness to the retreat of El Morya in Darjeeling. I ask that my four lower bodies be charged and recharged with the Will of God and I ask for my life's blueprint for my fulfillment of that will. And I ask that all information necessary to the fulfillment of my divine plan be released to my outer waking consciousness as it is required. I thank thee and I accept this done in the full power of the risen Christ.

Summit Lighthouse Resources on El Morya:

Books by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet on El Morya showing how to work with El Morya and Archangel Michael and implement your divine plan for personal change and world spiritual transformation.

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